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aiónios |ahee-o'-nee-os|  Greek:  of the ages; everlasting

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Publishing University: Cliff Notes from Portland
- Gerri Santiago & Dan Primbs, 5/6/2017

Get the highlights from IBPA's Publishing University 2017 from PWSD's scholarship recipient. Learn more .



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Aionios Books is a nano publishing house established in 2016, producing two select titles per year. Our mission is to publish the works of debut or undiscovered authors of genre fiction novels. Learn more .
Aionios Books, LLC
Carlsbad, California
Gerri Santiago: 760.500.1137
Dan Primbs: 760.840.1254

New Release

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Magee Park Poets: Anthology 2017
"Poetry is life distilled," said poet Gwendolyn Brooks. Within this small book is a distillation of many lives, the echoes of many voices both within the local community of North San Diego County and in the community of poets around the world.
Aionios Books is donating 100% of royalties earned from the sale of this issue in 2017 to the Carlsbad City Library in support of the Magee Park Poets Workshop Series.