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aiónios |ahee-o'-nee-os|  Greek:  of the ages; everlasting

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Publishing University: Cliff Notes from Portland
- Gerri Santiago & Dan Primbs, 5/6/2017

Get the highlights from IBPA's Publishing University 2017 from PWSD's scholarship recipient. Learn more .
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Aionios Books is a nano publishing house established in 2016, producing two select titles per year. Our mission is to publish the works of debut or undiscovered authors of genre fiction novels. Learn more .
Aionios Books, LLC
Carlsbad, California
Gerri Santiago: 760.500.1137
Dan Primbs: 760.840.1254

Coming May 5

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Down in the Belly of the Whale
By Kelley Kay Bowles

A contemporary story about family and friendship for fans of Eleanor Porter and L.M. Montgomery. Learn more .

"A sage, vivacious tale of people set apart and brought together." -Kirkus Reviews