Aionios Books, LLC


aiónios |ahee-o'-nee-os|  Greek:  of the ages; everlasting

About Us 

Aionios Books, LLC, is an independent publishing house established in March 2016, in Carlsbad, California. We are a traditional publisher and, as such, offer no-cost, no-fee publishing to authors. As a nano publisher, we currently release only one to four titles per year in order to provide a personalized approach and focus to each of our projects. 

Please visit our Submissions page to learn more about our publishing model and our process.

Gerardeen M. Santiago, Ph.D.
Gerri brings over twenty-five years of experience from The McGraw-Hill Companies, Worth Publishers (Macmillan Learning), Scholastic Inc., and medical education and communication. She is honored to have been part of the McGraw-Hill team to win CODiE awards for educational web-based textbooks.
She is a skilled project manager, successfully bringing to market all her products consistently within budget and on schedule. She has a proven track record of developing and maintaining both lean and large budgets (ranging from $500 to $9 million) and successfully managing cross-functional teams to timelines ranging from two to eighteen months.
Gerri earned her Ph.D. from Columbia University in the City of New York, while simultaneously jump-starting her career in publishing.
Daniel G. Primbs
An economist and teacher, Dan decided to take his love of books into publishing, focusing on development editing and designing aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly e-books.