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aiónios |ahee-o'-nee-os|  Greek:  of the ages; everlasting

Magee Park Poets: Anthology 2017

This 28-year-old anthology is bigger, better than before!

  • Triple the size at 170 pages: more poets, more poems, a global reach! The community of the Magee Park Poets extends out beyond the borders of Southern California. Poets from around the world have joined their voices to our local community: poets from Minnesota, Colorado, New York, and West Virginia; and poets from New Zealand, Sweden, Ireland, and Germany. 
  • Improved printed edition! The anthology is now a perfect-bound book, illuminated with black-and-white photography (courtesy of poet Gwyn Henry).
  • Ground-breaking e-book versions: Read poetry rendered as reflowable text while remaining true to the original (often complex) verse forms. An EPUB version is now available for loan through the Serra Digital Library Network (a online book portal used by over 30,000 libraries worldwide in over 40 different countries). A Kindle version is available for sale* on Amazon and a Nook version on Barnes & Noble Online.
    • What's so special about e-books? You can load them into your smart phone  to keep with you at all times--and to show your friends the wonderful poem you've written. You can customize the fonts, increasing font size so you won't need those pesky glasses. You can easily find your poems by using the hyperlinked index at the end of the book.
    • To learn more, watch a video about the e-book: abbreviated and full-length.
Aionios Books is donating 100% of royalties earned from the sale of this issue in 2017 to the Carlsbad City Library in support of the Magee Park Poets Workshop Series.
  • Buy it from Amazon or
  • Borrow it from the Serra Digital Library Network