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Jean Lee

Jean Lee is a Wisconsin born and bred writer excited to share her young adult fiction with those who love to find other worlds hidden in the humdrum of everyday life.

I started telling stories before I knew how to write them, filling pages with pictures and audio cassettes with words. This passion for storytelling grew every year to become not only my focus of graduate study, but an escape from abuse and savior from postpartum depression. That savior has since transformed into the young adult fantasy Fallen Princeborn: Stolen, coming in Fall 2018. Until then, I hope you enjoy these little visits with the characters and the land that together make River Vine—not a dull place, to be sure.

Stories are the fire that warms the soul. They melt fear, ignite hope, and spark relationships like nothing else. I’m honored you seated yourself here by my hearth to enjoy my fiction’s light. Please feel free to visit often, for there are many treasures bizarre and fantastic in my imagination waiting to speak with tongues of flame. Then we can talk about the writers that refuel us, and the stories that stir us like marshmallow sticks poking a campfire’s embers. Let’s send the fire’s sparks flying like so many fireflies into summer’s night, and invite more out of the cold darkness.

You can reach me at and on my Amazon page . You can also find me on Twitter and Instagram (@jeanleesworld). And if the spirit should move you, please write a review of Tales of the River Vine. You may also email me at [email protected] I would love to hear from you!
Tales of the River Vine:
A series of six FREE short stories to accompany the Fallen Princeborn Omnibus.
Story #1: "The Boy Who Carried a Forest in his Pocket"
Rural Wisconsin. A warm lazy Sunday after church. Perfect for goofing off with friends, comic books, and lemonade under a big shade tree. But something's off at Blair farm—stay away from the old stone wall. And whatever you do, don't talk to strangers walking in from the woods. Welcome to the magical world of River Vine, where things are not what they seem. 
Story #2: "The Stray"
Rural Wisconsin. Eight-year-old Millie loves to play make-believe with her new friend, a cat from the woods. But something's off about Captain Whiskers.... Not all strays should be rescued.
Story #3: "Dandelion of Defiance"  
When does the hunter become the hunted? When the hunter fails in her hunt. Ember was sent into the human realm to select the choicest prey for her Master. But she set out to teach him a lesson instead, and now she must pay for her defiance.
Story #4: "No More Pretty Rooms"  
Once upon a time, in the hinterland behind a wall of ancient magic, a cruel prince was imprisoned with a race of fellow shapeshifters. He was born of a wicked king and a very wicked queen, and is ruled by a beautiful but evil mistress who’d slithered up from the Pits below…. Is redemption possible for those who feed on the hearts and dreams of men?

Fallen Princeborn: Stolen
Book 1 of the Fallen Princeborn Omnibus
If you like falling through rabbit holes, if you like flawed characters who refuse to fit the mold, if you like to lose yourself in dark fantasy adventures, then read Fallen Princeborn: STOLEN. 
Coming November 2018.
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