Aionios Books, LLC


Publisher of young adult, fantasy, and science fiction novels


Aionios Books wants to work closely with authors whose primary goal is to entertain and engage readers. We seek authors who have an intriguing tale to tell and a unique voice to match.
We are interested in novel-length fiction (55,000+ words) in the young adult and new adult genres (science fiction, fantasy, dystopian, steam punk, social issues, family issues, horror, thriller, etc.). We are especially interested in book series (trilogies, duologies, etc.) We do not accept erotica, nonfiction, short story collections, or children's books.
We accept simultaneous submissions. We do not accept previously published books, including self-published books.
Submissions Guidelines

Emailed submissions only.  Please include all required material in the body of the email; we do not accept attachments.
Each submission should contain:
1) An elevator pitch (35-50 words)
2) A synopsis (500 words)
3) A brief biography, including author platform and social media 
4) Manuscript sample (at least 5,000 words)
Please email your submission to  [email protected]

Publishing FAQs
How long does it take us to review a manuscript submission?
     We like to respond quickly, as early as one to two weeks after submission. But because we accept submissions year-round, we can take as long as three months to get back to you, depending on how busy we are. (Read more about our manuscript selection process .)

What royalty rates do we offer our authors?
     We offer a sliding-royalty model and do not charge fees for publishing your book. Our standard offer is 10% royalties (net from distribution channels) until all of our out-of-pocket costs have been recouped and then 40% royalties of the net profit from the sales of the book from that point on.

Do we offer advances on royalties?

What is our editorial process?
     It depends on the state of your manuscript. Some manuscripts require a development (content) edit; some can go straight to copy or line editing. Once those editorial passes are complete, the manuscript is prepped for print layout and e-book conversion, a stage in our process that includes a preproduction proofread. Once the interior pages have been laid out for print and the e-book converted, we'll do another proofreading pass. Then lastly, we'll conduct a third proofreading pass through reviewer copies of the softcover book.

How do we produce our books?
     For our print books, we primarily use IngramSpark's and CreateSpace's print-on-demand services. We take the time to design and lay out our print books in order to ensure design continuity from cover to interior, including customizing the title page and chapter openers. We convert our own e-books, using our proprietary style sheets, in order to ensure a high-quality, customized product. We design and implement advanced styles for our e-books, including customized title pages and enhanced chapter openers. 

Where do we distribute our books?
     We distribute our books primarily through Amazon and through IngramSpark, a wholesaler with access to retail chains and independent bookstores, online retailers, and libraries worldwide. We may also seek single-title distribution based on the novel in question and our judgment about the potential benefits of distribution.

How do we publicize your book?
     We'll submit your book to online reviewers (bloggers and vloggers), in addition to paid reviewers, such as Kirkus. We'll also publicize your book through collaborative emails to independent and chain bookstores and libraries. When appropriate, we'll purchase online advertisements (for example, through social media and Amazon). If appropriate, we may also enter your book in reputable contests or competitions, such as IBPA's Benjamin Franklin Awards. Because we publish only those books we absolutely love and limit our list to one to four new releases per year, we are committed to marketing your book to the best of our ability.

What do you need to do to help us market your book?
     We ask you to develop and maintain a robust social media platform (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc.) and a website with an active blog.

Exploring Your Options

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